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Rescue # 11 - Mason 10/25/19. Age 15 

Shadow, now known as Mason, was surrendered to an area shelter because his owners said he couldn't hold his bladder.  This boy has tapeworms, a severe flea allergy, a skin infection, severe cataracts, hearing loss, and some nasty teeth.  But despite all that, the doctor says he is in great health.and we need to get a little bit of weight on him.  We just found out his birthday is November 26 2004 so he is younger than we were originally told.  He wears a belly band at night but rarely has an accident.  He is a sweet boy!



Rescue # 10 Prince 9/13/19 Age 13 

Our local shelter reached out to us when they received a senior dachshund who was surrendered due to an owner with medical issues.  Prince is a little guy who has severe dental disease.  The shelter knew it was unlikely he would be adopted due to the anticipated cost of caring for his teeth.  We gladly said we would take him and are so glad we did.  He is a spry and very well behaved little boy.  His neutering and dental is coming up soon.  



Rescue #9 - Jax 8/04/19, Age 4 

We rescued Jax from an area shelter where he was listed as abandoned.  He was not presenting well and had no interest from potential adopters.  



Rescue #8 - Charlie  5/17/19, Age 11

Charlie was rescued from an area shelter.  His owner said he was overly protective of her and would nip at anyone near her.  We (and the shelter) have not seen any behavior like that but we will certainly work with Charlie to determine the best forever family for him.  So far he loves toys and he is said to love other dogs. He has been introduced to the other dogs and gets along fine with all of them..  He appears to have some skin issues but a good diet should clear that up.  He is heart worm negative and his owner kept him up to date with vaccines. Charlie recently had a dental and lost nine teeth but he is taking it in stride.  He is an all around very happy little man and he loves to cool off in the kiddie pool.  Charlie is off to start his new life in southern Maryland and we couldn't be happier for him!

Emmitt - ADOPTED!

Mollie - ADOPTED!

Emmitt - ADOPTED!



Rescue #1 - Emmitt.  10/29/18, age 10 months.

Emmitt's former owner didn't have time for a high energy puppy. He was well loved and very well cared for.  After getting him neutered, he quickly found a forever home.  

He now lives on a farm with another dachshund , a lab puppy who has become his BFF, a cat, and some horses. He gets to play with a lot of grandkids and has a huge yard.  He is a very happy boy and his new vet says he has "Arnold Schwarzenegger thighs"!

Chase - Adopted!

Mollie - ADOPTED!

Emmitt - ADOPTED!



Rescue #2 - Chase.  12/13/18, age 11

Chase was surrendered to an area shelter when his divorcing family decided they couldn't take on his medical expenses and requested that he be euthanized. He came to us with a skin infection, a mass on his chest, some of the worst teeth we've seen which caused his lower jaw to erode, an eye infection, and red and swollen feet. But he is a complete sweetheart - tail is always wagging. Thanks to our wonderful donors, he has been fully vetted and is on the mend. Our vet was even able to save some of his teeth.  He does have chronic dry eye which requires ointment twice daily in his eyes for the rest of his life. 

He is going to a wonderful family with three other dogs including another dachshund.  

Mollie - ADOPTED!

Mollie - ADOPTED!

Mollie - ADOPTED!



Rescue #3 - Mollie. 12/22/18, age 14

Mollie is a tiny girl at just over ten pounds.  She is currently being treated for a couple of different parasites and had a much needed dental (but didn't lose any teeth!).  Mollie was rescued  first in 2016 after her young owner went off to college and it was determined she had been allergic.  Mollie has spent the last two years in a loving home with lots of fur siblings but sadly her owner has become ill and can no longer care for her.  Mollie has a beautiful coat and gets along so well for an older gal.  When it's meal time, she actually runs to her bowl!  Mollie is now enjoying retirement in a small town along the Chesapeake Bay with her mom, brother, and two dogs.

Karley - ADOPTed!

Karley - ADOPTed!

Mollie - ADOPTED!


Rescue #4 - Karley. 12/22/18, age 5 

Karley spent the first year and a half living in a barn before her previous owner saved her from that life.  Sadly her owner has become ill and is no longer able to care for her.She is a very sweet cream wire haired girl who just wants to be on your lap.  She has lost a few pounds and also six teeth during her dental and is currently being treated for Lyme disease and a parasite. She is now enjoying the good life with several other dachshunds. 


Karley - ADOPTed!



Rescue #5 - Percy. 1/15/19, age 5

Persey, now known as Percy is a  chiweenie whose owners' family situation changed and were unable to care for her.  

Percy is now spayed and enjoying her forever home and is being spoiled by her mom, dad, sister, and baby brother.  

Her grandma crochets her the cutest sweaters!


Karley - ADOPTed!



Rescue # 6 - Rocco 02/28/19, age 10 1/2

He found himself back in the shelter not once but twice after being adopted a few years ago.  He started out very quiet but quickly settled in with all the other dogs  and like any dachshund, can be quite vocal.  He is a sweet, sweet boy and for the life of me, I can't figure out why he was in the shelter twice. He is on our Biggest Loser JOMDR Style diet as he needs to drop a few pounds.  Once he loses that weight, his forever home will be with a retired couple.  

In Memory


Rosie - Sadly we lost Rosie on 4/26/19

Rescue #7 = Rosie 4/13/19, age 11  

Rosie was in a very loving home for her entire life but she lost her human dad last year and her elderly mom can no longer care for her.  As you can see she is overweight - her weight is currently just shy of 26 pounds and she will need to lose ten pounds.  She will be in long term foster care while we get her back in shape.  Having a dachshund that much overweight reduces their life span and puts so much additional pressure on their joints and back.  

UPDATE - we lost Rosie on 4.26.19.  Rosie had not eaten for a few days so our vet did an X-ray and determined she had liver cancer.  She had been sick for awhile and it went undiagnosed.  Fly high sweet girl. Though we only knew you for 13 days, you were certainly one of the sweetest dogs ever.  You will be forever in our hearts and the next dog we rescue will be in your honor.  <3